Convenor Hunting Rifle / Centre-fire Rifle: Morne Fouche
Tel: 082 331 2781


Hunting Rifle / Centre-fire Rifle:

The Hunting Rifle competitions consist of 20 rounds with a hunting rifle. The firing distances during the competition vary from 30m to 200m. The shooting positions vary from bench rest to prone to sitting to kneeling to standing. Standard targets are used for each of the competitions. To qualify for the club championships, a shooter must partake in at least two shoots per year. You can use any centre fire rifle to compete.


.22 Rifle / Rim-fire Rifle:

Any rim fire rifle can be used to enter into this competition. The competitions are generally held every third Saturday of the month. The competition takes place on the 500m range from 9am - 13pm. To qualify for this event, the shooter must attend and shoot at least five shoots during a one year period. The competition entails firing 40 shots at distances varying from 25m to 75m. The first target is at 25m and 10 shots are fired from the standing position. The second is at 50m and 10 shots are fired sitting on the ground. The third target is also at 50m and 10 shots are fired from a bench rest. The fourth target is at 75m and 10 shots are fired from the prone position.