How to become a member

  • To become a member, you must at least be 21 years old.
  • JUNIOR membership (8-21 years) will be granted if junior members are under direct supervision of a paid-up adult member.  Also applicable to full-time students (must provide proof of registration every year to qualify for Junior membership)
  • A new member should be vouched for by two other members or introduced by two other members
  • A potential new member should at least have frequented the range, for the purpose of shooting, at least three times, before his application can be considered by the executive committee. The application form should be signed by the range officer on duty as proof of commitment.
  • The completed application form, obtained from the range, together with an identity photo and payment, should be submitted to the committee for approval.
  • Application Form can be downloaded HERE



Visitors Fees

Visitors (Saturdays) Per Day:  R250 per adult that shoots

Visitors (Saturdays) Per Day:  R50 per junior (aged 16 and under)

Visitors (Saturdays) Per Day:  R100 per junior (aged 17 - 21)

Visitors with proof of Cape Hunt / SA Hunt membership  Per Day  R200 per person

Visitors with proof of PRC membership Per Day R200 per person


Visitors (Visitors fee Plus R90 per round of 25 clays)

Kaapjag / SAJag Members (Visitors fee Plus R90 per round of 25 clays)


New Pricing structure from 01 April 2022




Joining Fee per family

Once Off


Membership < 65



Membership > 65



Spouse Package (50% of main member's annual fee)



Junior membership (8-21 years)



Full-time students (must provide proof of registration every year)




Per Term





Junior Membership

Conditions and Regulations for Durbanville Shooting Club.

It is necessary for the committee of Durbanville Shooting Club (DSC) to be able to manage Junior Membership of the club without having to continuously amend the constitution. In order to achieve this the committee needs a set of conditions and regulations. The following regulations have been adopted.

Entry fee and Subscriptions

Junior members will be required to pay an entry fee of R20.00 and will be liable for subscriptions which will be determined by the committee from time to time. The rules regarding payment of subscriptions to which full members are subject will also apply to junior members.


Junior members must be sponsored by a full member of the club who is in current good standing with the Club.

The sponsor who need not be the parent of the junior member must mentor, train and guide the junior member at all times.

He or she must ensure that the junior member adheres to the club’s rules and safety regulations.

In the event of an incident involving the junior member the sponsor will be held jointly responsible by the club and disciplinary action against the sponsor could be taken if circumstances warrant.

Age Limit

No persons under the age of 8 will be permitted to join the club. On attaining the age of 21 junior members will be required to become senior member of the club should said junior wish to remain a member of the club.

Permission and Indemnity

Written permission must be given by the parent’s or legal guardian’s of any prospective junior member in order for that person to become a member of the club. This letter must be accompanied by an indemnity form which frees the club from all responsibility and liability in the event of an accident, injury or death.

Participation in a Discipline and Competitions

Junior members are required to compete in one or more of the disciplines offered by the club.

They must take part in at least two matches or competitions in a year or forfeit their membership.


When shooting at the club, whether taking part in a competition or shooting casually, the junior member must be under the direct supervision of the license holder of the firearms they are shooting with.

These regulations and conditions do not replace any of the club’s other rules but are supplementary to them. A junior member is required to abide by all the club’s  rules and conditions for membership.