Club Rules and Safety Tips

Vuurwapenveiligheid is ons eerste prioriteit en dit is nie onderhandelbaar nie.
Die klub het het 'n skoon veiligheidsrekord en wil dit graag so hou.
Firearm safety is our first priority and it's non-negotiable.
The club has a clean safety record and we endeavor to keep it that way.


  • Always make sure that you sign the register at reception and receive your sticker

  • Make sure you understand the terms and conditions that you sign for in the register

  • Never enter the range with a loaded weapon, unload and make safe before entering the range

  • No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to use a firearm

  • Keep all weapons in gun bags or holsters whilst moving around on the range

  • Report to the range officer when arriving at the shooting point

  • Make sure you know if the range is safe for the handling of fire arms before you unpack your weapon

  • Respect your fellow shooters

  • If the range is closed for handling of firearms when you arrive, patiently wait until the range officer gives the signal to handle weapons

  • Always obey the commands of the range officer

  • When unpacking your weapon, treat it as LOADED

  • Keep the barrel pointing away from other shooters and towards the back stop at all times

  • When the range is closed, DO NO TOUCH any firearm or related items or parts.

  • DO NOT pack away your firearm until the range open for shooting.

  • When you fire arm is not in use, keep the actions or bolts OPEN with no rounds in the barrel

  • When you pack your firearm away, make sure it is UNLOADED