Convenor:  Johann Joubert
Tel:  083 235 0385

Clay Pigeon:

The clay shooting has three categories. Each of these has four competitions per year and a member must at least shoot two shoots per event to qualify for each of the championships results.

  • Trap: Five station event with five single shots fired at each station shooting from an angle behind the trap house
  • Skeet: Shooters move in a half moon between the high and low house firing a combination of single and double shots
  • Sporting: Ranges are set up imitating bird and rabbit hunting circumstances.

Each of the Trap, Skeet and Sporting shoots have their own ranking. The club champion is the combination of the highest score of all three categories. To qualify for the individual and club champion the shooter must participate in at least two shoots per year per event and competed in all three categories to qualify for the club champion.


Best Progress made in Shotgun:

The outcome of this competition is depended on the best progress made from one year to another. The score of two consecutive years are compared in relation to the increase in score. There is only one winner in this category. At least two of the four competitions should have been shot.